Concierge Quilt Clips Pack

Concierge Quilt Clips Pack

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Bedding Clips hold your Duvet, Doona or Quilt in place at the four corners eliminating folding and making the bed so much easier.

Need to tame your wild Quilt from moving around during the night? Get the Concierge Quilt Clips to solve this long time problem!

Simply connect the 4 clips into the four corners of your quilt and cover then clip together for a better nights sleep!

Instructions provided
Maximum Quilt or Duvet thickness 6mm
Made from tough polypropylene

Whats included?
4 piece pack of quilt clips. Includes 4 Clips, 18 Pins & 1 Awl Tool

How Does it Work?
Simply connect quilt clips to each corner of the inside of the quilt cover. Connect the next set of clips to each corner of the quilt. With the quilt cover inside out connect the clips and pull through the quilt so that your now turning the quilt cover back to its correct side. Easy!

Step 1. Turn the quilt cover inside out and place female clip on top of the seam facing away from the corner of the cover.
Step 2. Use the sharp awl tool to pierce a hole through the quilt cover aligned with the first hole. (Do not push awl through the clip hole as this will damage the pin locking mechanism).
Step 3. Use the push pin to go through hole created by the awl. Ensure push pin knob has passed through fully and then connect into the female clip - a firm click sound will be heard.
Step 4. Once connected use nail clippers or scissors to cut off end of the pin.
Step 5. Repeat steps 2,3 and 4 for 2nd female clip hole and other 3 corners of quilt cover.
Step 6. Place male clip on corner of the quilt and repeat steps 3,4 and 4 for both holes and 3 other corners of quilt. If having difficulty due to thickness of quilt place pin and clip against a hard surface and push.
Step 7. Connect the clips together at each corner.
Step 8. Revert quilt cover back and shake quilt to remove any folds - enjoy!

Please note: You will need to purchase a set for each quilt and quilt cover set as you securely fasten the quilt clips to the quilt and quilt cover.
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